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"I am

 The spirit of Berry"

" Romantic and suave, I am the very image of a terroir rich in history and know-how. I am well appreciated on plenty occasions just for raising emotions.

Vine-growing & winemaking

trad winemaking

Awards & citations

Part of the vines of this cuvée is young; the other part is over 10 years old. The soil benefit from a particular attention: grass cover cropping and shallow tillage.


Yields are limited up to 60 Hl / Ha in order to concentrate the aromas and to enhance the quality of the grapes.


The harvest is poured into thermo-regulated tanks. The fermentation (18 to 20°) occurs after a cold settling of the juice for 8 to 12 hours. The maturation on fine lees is completed by regular stirring. The wines are matured in stainless steel tank for 8 to 10 months before being bottled and marketed. 


This wine is to be drunk young so as to enjoy its freshness and typical scent. 



Concours général

agricole 2022: Gold

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