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"I am

 The spirit of Berry"

" Romantic and suave, I am the very image of a terroir rich in history and know-how. I am well appreciated on plenty occasions just for raising emotions.


trad terroir

Awards & citations

Sand, gravel and precocious clay predominate so that soils heat up quickly. These conditions are particularly suitable for vine growing and ideal for white wine issued from Sauvignon blanc. This confers ampleness and unctuousness to the wines.


Here, soil layers are very little compacted. In those well drained soils, vines have to appeal to their own vigor so that they avoid water stress thanks to a deep rooting system.


The landscape is open and well exposed with a relatively mild and sunny climate. This foster up the grapes' ripening and lower acidity.


Wines issued from these parcels generally present a firm character coupled with vividness and roundness. This wine is a true stamp of Quincy standards.



Concours général

agricole 2022: Gold

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