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Marketing aspects

We are attending several European fairs: Angers, Paris, Marche en Famen, Egleton,  Bruxelles-St Gilles Wine fairs.

Furthermore, wine shopkeepers partners can be granted sales driving. Last but not least, you are welcome to our domaine by appointment.


Contact : Etienne Borgnat

+33 66 777 64 55 / or

Winemaking aspects

The whole harvest operation is mechanized thanks to efficient equipment allowing sorting out and pressing actions under utmost conditions. From the set up of the juice into thermo-regulated vats on, the winemaker blends carefully different juice from different plots to craft the range. As a result, we are able to ensure a constant quality level to our wines and to offer you the very best of Berry. 

Vine growing aspects

A scrupulous processing of our row material is the priority of our motivated and well skilled staff who works with efficient equipments. In this regard, we choose to create a 4-wine-makers-clustering. Today, our vineyard is well led by an expert team. For several years, we have been developing vine growing methods respectful of environment and biodiversity: grass cover cropping, shallow tillage of the soils, and implementation of sustainable processes against diseases and pests supported by a technical follow-up. 

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