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" Light and aerial, I am in-between a fruity Loire wine and a fine burgundy wine.

"I embody 

    an elegant simplicity "

reuilly r winemaking

Vine-growing & winemaking

Awards & citations

The vines of this cuvée are young (less than 10 years old). They are cultivated in the respect of their sol: grass cover cropping and shallow tillage.


Yields are kept under control in order to well achieve the homogeneity of the ripening of the grapes. After a mechanized harvesting and the destemming of the grapes, maceration and alcoholic fermentation start. The fermentation is making under the marc cap, where the juice takes color. Malolactic fermentation will start after pressing in thermoregulated vats. Wines are matured in stainless steel tank for 6 to 8 months before being bottled and marketed. 


This wine is rather drunk young. Nevertheless, after a 3 to 5 years cellaring, the cuvée turns less tannic, ampler with more pronounced aromas.

A confidential production ...


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