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Cuvée Mr Hood Robin

"I am

   The sweet Folly "


" Not exactly typical for a Loire Valley wine, one would grant me a Jurassic character.  Only when the year is lenient enough, 300 bottles of this cuvée are crafted. One has to well deserve me and grasp me before tasting me.

Notes & Aromas

Awards & citations

r hood aromas

For the time being, vintage 2017 is released. On the nose, butterscotch is melting with a hint of walnut oil. In mouth, we feel a slight oxidative trend along with suppleness and long lasting aromas.


The whole is not tannic at all thanks to acacia barrels. This wine may offer a long keeping, over 5 years. Nevertheless, our hindsight is too short to disclose the outlines of the evolution of this wine.

A confidential production ...

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