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Cuvée SIAM

siam détouré.png

"I am

   the exotic touch "


to the bottle 

"Powerful, stylish and CHARMING, I am different from my fellow-wines of QUINCY. As a gourmand Globe trotter.

Let me accompany Oriental and Asian savors ! 


siam terroir

Awards & citations

Sand, gravel or clay predominate so that soils heat up quickly in these plots. Please note that lake limestone crops out on some vines which contribute to the uniqueness of the aromas.


In those well drained soils, vines have to appeal to their own vitality so that they avoid water stress thanks to a deep rooting system.


The slightly steep landscape is well opened to a North East exposure. The relatively mild and sunny climate fosters the grapes' ripening and lower acidity.


Wines issued from these plots offer a powerful mouth along with fruity aromas.





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